N.Y.C. Trip July09 part 2...or...15 beers! 15,000 piZzas

7.04.2009 | |


The saga continues.  I barely know where to begin.  I've been running into people from MPLS like it's going out of style. Ran into some chicago heads as well on the street.  Saw Ambra & Eric at Matchless and then saw Aaron Wojack there later that night.  Bumped into this dude jesse that goes way back to Fobia days outside of a Coco 66 last night.  Went skating today and at the Bedford stop saw John W repping a Familia Skull tee.  Shit's TOO weird.  Stopped in at Uniqlo, Oak, Supreme, Autumn, Droog, Giant Robot, Droog, Jack Spade...that list goes on and on.

Went out to Savalas last night...oh god.  Mike the 2600 King was in town from MPLS DJing.  There was a watermelon, a bazillion people and some girls all goofed out on E.  More pizza eating then can be even related to you now.  Seriously.

Then...for the fourth...it was bagel eating, subway riding, Battery Park sitting with Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst playing a free show.  Kicked it on a blanket in a park listening to those two for hours.  Pretty much one of the best afternoons I had ever had.  Took more trains to Laurie's crib and sat up on the roof watching fire works.  Ate chips, a double burger (big ups to ben) and laughed and laughed and laughed.  Neal and Kelly showed up as a mega bonus and we had a super tame evening of food, drinks and good company.  It's the first night we've gotten home before 4 A.M. since we got here.  Awesome.

TONS of photos to come here soon.  Also...keep up to the minute over at APPLEJUICEBREAK.  Shit's getting pretty live over there.